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Unusual Noises that Indicate You Need Automatic Garage Door Repairs

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Automatic garage doors are the preferred options for many a homeowner due to the range of advantages they offer. From enhanced technological capabilities and ease of operation to increased security and superior safety, investing in automatic garage doors is a considerable upgrade from their manual counterparts. However, constantly using these doors means they're exposed to factors such as the changing climatic conditions, accidental impact and eventually premature damage.

Identifying the presence of an underlying issue is vital, as this could be the difference between the restoration of functionality or the need for replacement. So how can you tell if your garage doors are compromised? Below is a brief list of unusual sounds indicative of impending automatic garage door repairs.

1. Squealing sounds

Depending on the degree of maintenance provided to your atomic garage door as well as its age, you may hear some noise when it is in operation. However, these groaning sounds should be subtle and should be easily remedied by routine lubrication that will keep all the components protected from friction. If you start to notice other noises that you have not picked up on before, such as squealing, you should be wary of a potential issue. Squealing, whether loud or soft, is symptomatic of several issues. Firstly, it could mean that the rollers have succumbed to wear, making it challenging for them to travel up and down the garage door frame quietly.

The squealing can also be indicative of debris trapped in the rollers, which will cause them to emit weird sounds when the garage door is in operation. Operating your garage door with damaged rollers will accelerate their decline, which can cause them to break and leave your garage door misaligned. It is crucial to seek automatic garage door repairs the moment you notice these squealing so that any underlying issues are addressed before they are excoriated.

2. Scraping sounds

Another irritating sound that may come from your atomic garage doors is scraping. Scraping noises are emblematic of metal rubbing against metal so you can be guaranteed that there is something seriously off-kilter with the garage doors. Commonly, you will hear these sounds when the automatic garage doors have become misaligned, causing parts of the door to make contact with the frame. Misalignment happens gradually over time so while it may be imperceptible to your eyes, you should still seek professional assistance so they can determine what is causing the imbalance while straightening the garage doors for you.

Scraping noises will also be emitted when the rollers have broken or have acquired severe physical damage that is impeding their function. Do not be tempted to switch to operating the doors manually, as the underlying damage will make the garage doors unpredictable. Instead, you should stop using them altogether until you have sought automatic garage door repairs.