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Benefits Of Installing Roller Doors For Your Business

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Whether you have a retail store, warehouse or garage, a commercial roller door will help your business to operate smoothly with minimum fuss. Here are several benefits.


The opening design of a roller door is a big plus, rolling up into a compact bundle at the head of the doorway. Such a design maximises space. You don't need an area in front as you do with a tilt-up door, which can be difficult to open if people or vehicles are in the way. Nor do roller doors need the ceiling space that sectional panels need. Because of the compact design of roller doors, you can position electrical lights and other elements anywhere on the ceiling as required. You can also maximise wall space as the roller door moves upwards rather than along the wall, as sliding doors do. This efficient opening style lets you design the inner part of your business in the best way, without having to make special allowances for the door opening mechanism.


Roller doors need to secure your business and to protect the people and stock within. Two common materials for these barriers are steel or aluminium, both of which are available in a range of grades and thicknesses. Commercial shutters use exceptionally robust varieties with security in mind, creating a substantial block to burglars. A roller door also serves as a deterrent, encouraging a possible intruder to target another less-secure business. Typically, you will have the chance to select from a range of security doors, including various locking options.

Durable And Long Lasting

After investing in a roller door, you want to know it will withstand elements such as moisture and humidity without deteriorating. Stainless steel naturally repels rust as it contains protective chromium, while aluminium develops an oxide layer that prevents rusting also. Galvanising treatments coat metals with an anti-corrosive layer of zinc to shield the inner metal from the elements. The baked-on polyester paint of powder coating provides another layer of protection.

Design Options

A smart appearance is essential for any business, even when closed. Roller doors will help you to maintain a professional look with a range of colours and slat designs—so you can select the best style for your business's exterior. Some models offer visibility through the doors, which can be helpful with a retail store, for instance. Your merchandise will then be on display at all times, but securely. Powder-coated surfaces are highly resistant to chipping and scratching and will keep your roller door vibrant and fresh over time. When undergoing a commercial roller door installation, you can also choose between manual and motorised options.