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4 Signs You Should Choose a Sliding Automatic Gate Over a Swing Gate

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Fitting an automatic gate can give your property a high-end look, enhance convenience as you pull in and out, and improve security. Those benefits are yours whether you choose a swing gate or a sliding gate, and both options have their own pros and cons – choosing between them really comes down to looking at your individual needs.

With that in mind, here are just four signs you should pick a sliding gate over a swing gate.

1. You Don't Have Much Driveway Space

In the vast majority of cases, a swing gate will need to swing open towards your property rather than away from it. That means you'll need to be able to leave plenty of space for the gate to swing open, so swing gates can be tricky when you don't have much of a driveway. For example, you might find it impossible to leave more than one or two cars outside the garage when you have a swing gate. In contrast, sliding gates require very little room to operate, so almost all your driveway space will remain usable.

2. Your Home Is on a Slope

You'll sometimes need to level the ground a touch for a sliding gate, but the work isn't too extensive, since the gate will only need to slide across a small amount of ground. If your house is on a slope, a swing gate will be very hard to fit, since the whole area the swing covers will need to be levelled off to prevent it striking the ground as it opens.

3. You Need a Wider Opening

Most residential properties don't need to cover a huge opening. That said, you might be one of the few who wants a wide gate that lets through more than one car at a time. If so, you should probably choose a sliding gate over a swing gate. A swing gate needs to hold all its weight on one pivot, so larger and heavier gates present problems. A sliding gate distributes weight more evenly.

4. Security Is a Key Concern

If you're worried about security more than most, a sliding gate should appeal to you. Once a sliding gate is closed, it is very secure, since it cannot be forced open. Unfortunately, the same is not true of swing gates, which can be forced open when enough pressure is applied. A sliding gate will prevent break-ins and act as a deterrent against wrongdoers.

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