The Dos and Don'ts Of DIY Garage Door Maintenance

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Simple maintenance tips to keep your roller garage door in good repair

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Roller doors are an excellent solution for a garage - they allow the maximum space for the opening, without taking up space themselves when opening and closing. However, there are always things that can go wrong. Keeping up this regular maintenance schedule should prevent any major problems, which could be costly to fix.


Check the tracks every month to ensure that they are not filling up with debris such as mud, old leaves or moss. They can be cleared out with a brush or by hand, or even vacuumed out. You can keep them lubricated by using a silicon-based spray. Don't use oil, as any kind of oil or grease in the tracks will only attract more muck.


Check the cables every month to ensure that they are in good condition, and not subject to fraying or look as if they are likely to break. You should also ensure that they are taut and not slack, and tighten them if necessary.


Keep all the bearings lightly lubricated. This will ensure that the door opens smoothly and cleanly without making a screeching or crunching sound.


Springs should also be kept lightly lubricated, preferably with a spray lubricant every couple of months. This will keep them supple and ensure the smooth working of your door.


Your rollers will also need to be kept lubricated. You can use engine oil to do this; do not use grease, as this will attract the dirt and debris that you are trying to get rid of. At the same time, you should check them for any chips or cracks and replace them if necessary.


If you have an automatic door, you will need to make sure that the sensors are kept clean so that they are able to detect your presence and open when needed. Just wipe them with a clean cloth every month or so and make sure that there are no scratches on them.

It may seem like a lot of trouble to check and maintain a garage door like this, but by keeping all the parts in good condition, you will save yourself a lot of expense and trouble if anything goes wrong. If you do not feel up to the job yourself, then you should consider talking to a professional garage door maintenance company, who will be happy to make the checks and repairs for you.