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Choosing Automatic Gates: Should You Swing or Slide?

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If you've decided to fit automatic gates to your property, then you might not be sure whether to have gates that slide open or gates that swing open. Choosing the design you like best might work in some cases; however, in others you may have to make a decision based on other more practical factors. What do you need to consider before choosing between swinging or sliding gates?

How Long Is Your Driveway?

If you have a really short driveway, then swinging gates may not be a practical solution. You need a long enough driveway for the gates to swing fully open to the sides so you can drive out and in safely. So, if you have a short driveway, then sliding gates which don't need any clearance room behind them may be a better option.

How Flat Is Your Driveway?

If your home stands on top of an incline and your driveway slopes up, then sliding gates may be your best bet. Regular swinging gates may simply not be able to open fully on steep driveways — as the gates open, they could get stuck on your driveway, leaving you with half-open gates that might also get damaged.

How Much Room Do You Have at the Side?

Swinging gates don't need much, if any, room at their sides to install and operate. Sliding gates, however, do need some room at at least one side so there's somewhere for them to go. This could see you lose some garden space to accommodate the gates.

How Patient Are You?

Waiting for sliding gates to open up enough for you to drive up your driveway may drive you a little batty. While swing gates can also take a while to open fully, you'll at least be able to start driving in a little sooner.

How Much Security Do You Want?

If you're installing gates because you have security worries, then sliding gates are typically more secure that ones that swing open. It's far harder to break down a sliding gate when it is closed, even with a vehicle. Swinging gates, even when locked, have a gap between the two sides of the gates which may make them easier to breach.

Before you choose automatic gates for your home, get your local garage and gates installer out to do a site survey. The company will able to help you decide which of the two options will best suit your property.