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3 Safety and Security Features to Ensure Safe Operation of Your Garage Door

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The garage door can be a source of some of the most dangerous accidents in the home. Overhead garage door malfunctions can cause severe body injuries if the door closes down on a person, child or pet. Also, if the door comes off its tracks, it can create a loophole for intruders to break through the garage and access your home. That's why you need to assess your garage door and plan appropriate upgrades to increase safety and security. Below are some of the features that you should consider adding to your panelift door to enhance security and promote safe operation.

Automated opener with advanced locking

Not just any automatic opener will increase the safety of your garage door; select one with an advanced locking mechanism. The problem with some automated garage doors today is that they can be manipulated and opened with a separate opener. An intruder can hack into the system and open your door without even causing physical manipulation. However, an opener with an advanced locking mechanism comes with thousands or millions of code combinations so that a garage cannot be accessed using another opener. As you upgrade to an automated door, consider this option for increased security.

Automatic door timer

Have you ever left your home in a hurry only to get to your destination and realised that you didn't close the garage door? Well, such cases happen, and they can expose your home to burglary, especially if there is no one at home to close the door once you are gone. That's why you need to install an automatic timer on your door. The timer is set to close the door after a few minutes of being open. Even if you forget to close the door at night or on your way to work, the timer will automatically lock it and protect your home from intrusion.

Garage door sensor

If you have an old garage door, the chances are that it doesn't have a safety sensor. Safety sensors are automated devices that prevent the door from closing when there is something or someone on its path. So, if your pet is sitting on the door's path, the sensor will detect something in the way and reverse the door's operation and stop it from closing. This seemingly simple device can prevent garage door accidents in your home and give you peace of mind when your kids or pets are playing outside.

If your garage door doesn't have these safety and security features, consider upgrading it. Work with a door specialist so that they can recommend the best product for your door upgrades.