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3 Easy And Inexpensive Ways To Give Your Old Garage Door A Modern Upgrade

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Garages are an important and much-desired feature of Australian homes. Modern garages are spacious, functional and designed for modern living. However, if you own an older home, your garage may be in serious need of modernising and upgrading. The main feature of a garage is the garage door, and giving your old door a modern makeover is the most effective way of bringing your old garage in the 21st century. Here are three simple and cost-effective ways to give your old garage door a new lease on life.

1. Add an automated opening system

If your garage was built before the advent of remote-controlled opening systems, then adding an automated opener is an essential addition. Provided your garage door is in good shape, automated openers can be retrofitted to most tilt opening, sectional and roller doors.

Panel or tilt garage door openers are quick and easy for a contractor to install. This is money well spent for the ease of use and convenience this addition will bring to your everyday life.

2. Revamp the exterior with fresh paint

Your garage door is a prominent feature of the front of your home and makes up a large percentage of the total facade. Its appearance can have a big impact on your home's street appeal, for better or for worse. A tired, dated and shabby garage door can make even an otherwise well-maintained home look unappealing.

The good news is that this problem is easy and cheap to remedy. You can transform an old garage door with a fresh coat of paint in a modern and attractive colour. Make sure you choose a paint that is designed specifically for use on your garage door material. If your door is made from metal, a rustproofing undercoat is an excellent option.

3. Make it more energy efficient

Energy efficiency is a big consideration for modern homeowners, and this applies to garages as well as the interior of a home. Modern garage doors generally have a well-insulated core to prevent heat loss and gain and to make the internal temperature of the garage more pleasant in both summer and winter.

Older garage doors are unlikely to be very energy efficient, but you can improve on this with a few simple additions. Adding a draft strip to the bottom edge of your garage door will help to seal out external drafts. If you have a panel or tilt door, then there are specially designed insulation panels that can be added to the internal surface of your door.