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Three Reasons to Separate Your Garage From the Rest of the Building

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Homes are getting bigger, and this is increasing the need for bigger garages to accommodate vehicles and other storage needs. The need for maximum capacity for the little remaining space in the home has made it necessary for homeowners to rethink their garage design choices. Here are the three reasons to consider detaching the garage from the main house

Better design options

Garages which are attached to the main house are the norm because of convenience, especially during the winter. However, attachment limits the design of the house and the garage itself. When the garage stands alone, you can design it any way you want to get that pleasing aesthetic. A detached garage also earns your home green points because it means vehicles will not be emitting gases which find their way into the house. It is also easier to redesign and add space to a garage which is detached from the main house. Finally, when the security of a detached garaged is compromised, it does not translate to the entire home's security being compromised.

Better entry into the home

Most of the new homes feature a big garage facing the street. When you enter the house, you have to take a tour through the laundry room, and most of the time, a small washroom before getting to the living room. This is a little awkward especially when you are arriving with a visitor. When you detach the garage, you get an opportunity to attach a nice mudroom which contains some storage and the opportunity to great a larger garage.

Better orientation to the garage

When you have an attached garage, you are forced to have it angled directly towards the street. But when you detach the garage, you get an opportunity to angle it a little bit away from the street. When the angle of the garage door is at least 90 degrees away from the street, the street view of the house changes very significantly. When the garage is separate, you can make it larger to accommodate more than two vehicles as well as other toys.

When designing your new garage, bear in mind that the most important component is the garage door. The garage door adds a layer of security to the home, especially when designed properly. Before installing the door, make sure that you consult garage door service technician to get the most appropriate features added to your design.